The Returned (French TV: Les Revenants) 2012

Okay, I don’t usually get sucked into a program and sit for hours clicking from one episode to another, let alone get the chills from the creepy soundtrack that resounds in your brain. But one day surfing on NetFlix brought me to The Returned, or as the French say it, Les Revenants.  
Yes, you have to read subtitles, unless you got an A in high school French, you won’t understand a word. Nevertheless, that didn’t bother me, because boy this series is nifty.
You know me.  Usually I like British TV, but I must say this story is great.  Since Resurrection started on ABC this season with people coming back from the dead, I had read that some wondered if it was a spinoff from this series.  However, I think it’s similar, but not based on the same underlying premise. 
Let me further state that I am NOT a fan of zombies.  In fact, I have never read a zombie book or seen a zombie movie or watched The Walking Dead. Shocking, I know.  So I am definitely not zombie influenced. (It makes you wonder what the fascination is with all these shows about dead people. No more friendly ghosts. They’ve returned in the flesh.)
I think what drew me into the story, is how it plays out bit by bit like a puzzle of people.  Those who have returned, of course, certainly have a past.  Some don’t know why – others do.  Somehow in this small mountainous town in France, they are all connected.  The location has a tragic history, too, but if I told you the tragedy it would be a spoiler, so I’m not going to do that.
Needless to say it’s worth tuning in.  The end of the first season of eight episodes has left me hanging by a thread.  What’s going to happen next?  Do I have to wait until NetFlix loads Season 2?  Will the humans live?  Will the dead people reign?  Will some of the questions I didn’t know get answered?  The show sort of reminds me of Lost.  You really do get lost in it, because you’re trying to understand what the hell is going on. So you keep tuning in hoping to find the answer.
Looking for a good creepy show?  Tune in to The Returned and sharpen your French.   
There is some violence (serial killer), and a lesbian relationship.  Oh, and it is sexually graphic by the way (between men and women) – lovemaking, boobs, and frontal shots of men well endowed to make you blush. Well, what do you expect? It’s French, and they are open about their sexuality.  And the cast is filled with names I cannot pronounce (from Wikipedia) below:

Au revoir!

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