I’m Really Behind!

My life has been consumed getting may latest book out the door. I have watched the following shows, but just don’t have time to write in-depth reviews.  Here are my quick two-cents:
  • Drop Dead Diva (So tell Grayson and get it over with) FOUR KERNELS – I have only watched what streamed on Netflix. I don’t have extended cable, so I’m not up-to-date on the latest seasons.
  • Lie to Me (I would be a afraid to and what a crappy cancel!!!) FOUR KERNELS – A pretty entertaining show.
  • Life (A Zen of a show) – FIVE KERNELS – I’m in love with Damian Lewis.  I could never give him less than a five-star anything.  Great show.  Sad it was cancelled.  Too bad I don’t have cable to catch him on Homeland.  I wish Netflix would stream it.
  • The Very Thought of You (Frankly, the very bore of you) – TWO KERNELS – I can’t even remember what the movie was about!
  • Survivors (We are all going to die of the flu) – TWO KERNELS – A boring apocalyptic show.  WARNING:  Make sure to get your flu shots.
I’ve rewatched: 

The Forsyte Saga – I think I have a thing for Damian Lewis or something. (Didn’t I say that already?)

I’ve started a bunch of other series, too, but couldn’t handle them.
As soon as my book is out the door, I’ll be back (sounds familiar).

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