Playing for Keeps (Movie 2012)

2 Kernels

Playing for Keeps (Movie 2012)
Starring:  Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel, Noah Lomax, Dennis Quaid
Wow.  I’m in a two-kernel mood.  
Where do I begin with this train-wreck of a movie and an overused plot with a slightly different flavor.  Divorced father living a failed life.  Beautiful ex-wife now engaged to successful man.  A shared custody of a confused kid.  And the rest of the plot as fluffy as a popcorn kernel.  God, movies are so bad these days. Certainly I could sell a freaking screenplay out of one of my own books and be better!  (Grrrrr…..)
Okay, let’s start with Gerard.  Oh, dear ladies, please do not shoot me.  Yes, I love him.  Do I like the roles he chooses?  Absolutely not.  He’s been on a downer lately of bad films that have done nothing for his career except make him look as scruffy as he does in this movie.   
The role of the deadbeat dad is the typical failed man trying to find his way back to a semblance of self-esteem.  Once a well-known and highly regarded soccer player, he is now broke, divorced, and struggling to find work and self-worth again.  His ex-wife, who is far better than he, has gone on to find an upstanding and handsome man to marry.  She lives the good life in a big home with her soon-to-be husband and son, compared to scruffy George who looks like he hasn’t had a bath in a month.
Side plot?  Well, not much.  Women going after the single dad (why I have no idea by the way he looks).  Dennis Quaid’s role was frankly ridiculous.  Oh, God, don’t get me started on this horrible movie.
Adidas?  Gasp! (Spoken by a true NIKE employee)
Sigh . . . I love Gerard, but gosh I wish he would hold out for roles that use his talent to the max.  How about a business suit, a clean-shaven face, a haircut, and a role that challenges him to strut his stuff? Sometimes I wonder if his current appearance isn’t mirroring the way he feels about his own career.  He’s so much better than these cheesy movies.
So yes, George, in the movie turns his life around.  He gets a job as a sportscaster and gets his wife back. All ends happily ever after but it takes a painful 105 minutes to get there.
I love you, Gerard, but I long to see you clean shaven, with a hair cut, and flashing those pretty eyes and seducing the ladies with that fine Scottish accent of yours. You’re better than this . . . Much better.  Don’t be a deadbeat actor playing deadbeat roles about down and out deadbeat dads.  Pretty please.

  1 comment for “Playing for Keeps (Movie 2012)

  1. August 10, 2013 at 4:21 pm

    I'm with you, Vicki. I've suffered the wrath of Gerry fans by my less-than-stellar comments about his recent movies. I haven't bothered to watch most of them, quite frankly, and I'm sorry I wasted my time on this one. The movie was dull, the characters idiotic, and I agree with you…Gerry needs to stay away from romcons (at least until he can find another great script and great leading lady, like “P.S. I Love You.”) “Olympus Has Fallen” may revive his career, but unless he finds decent scripts, he will become pigeon-holed as nothing more than an action star. And like you said, he's better than that!


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