Sanditon Renewed for Seasons 2 and 3


The Sanditon “Sisterhood” has pulled it off by their incessant demand the series continues. Coming to BritBox!

The acclaimed seaside drama based starring Rose Williams as Charlotte will officially return to MASTERPIECE on PBS for two new seasons! #SanditonPBS

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The Atlantic Crossing (Masterpiece 2021)

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Masterpiece on PBS has its newest series – The Atlantic Crossing – streaming on Sunday evenings. If you are a PBS supporter and have Passport, you can binge the series. I watched the eight-episode series this weekend, thoroughly enjoying the story of the Norwegian royal family during WW2.

Naturally, any period drama these days must have the caveat it’s “based on true events,” so you don’t think everything spoke or acted is necessarily 100% true. Take the Crown for example. This series is no different, as it does take its liberties. You can, however, check out the PBS after the episode “Fact or Fiction” recaps, which guides viewers. Nevertheless, it is worth your time, despite a few repetitive themes and slow spots filled with more character-driven moments than action-packed ones.

It starts pre-WW2 with the happy family in Norway, the King, Crown Prince, Princess, and their children living a peaceful existence. As Hitler begins his aggression, Norway is intent on remaining neutral. Frankly, the Germans don’t care and invade Norway, causing the royal family to flee. As circumstances would happen, the Crown Princess leaves her husband and the King behind, to seek safety for their children in Sweden, where her uncle is King. As the occupation of Norway succeeds, eventually the King and Crown Prince find themselves in London, while the children and the Crown Princess flee to America for refuge.

The series focuses upon the unique relationship forged between President Roosevelt and Martha (the Crown Princess). In the meantime, her husband Olav and the King are in England, attempting to keep the monarchy in one piece, staying at Buckingham Palace. Throughout the series, their story unfolds as well, between cabinet meetings and what little they can accomplish abroad to fight the Germans on Norwegian soil.

FDR is larger than life, and kudos to Kyle Maclachlan who portrayed him in the series. Town & Country Magazine has published a great article about the cast and the real individuals they portrayed. READ HERE. The rumors of the day were that FDR and the Crown Princess were romantically involved. However, as the series portrays their relationship soured her own marriage with Olav, but eventually, reconciliation came about after the end of the war and their return to Norway.

The series is sprinkled with real footage. Be aware that the series is sub-titled when the Norwegian characters speak together. Yes, it’s sometimes a pain to keep up, but it helps to keep the series real rather than having actors with English accents portray Norwegian individuals.

In any event, it’s a good series and worth the watch. It was impossible not to get a bit teary eyed at the end when the royal family returns to Norway after the war.

The Dig (Netflix 2021)

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With anticipation I tuned into the new film “The Dig” now streaming on Netflix, based on a true story of an archeological find on an estate in Sutton Hoo, England in 1939. The cast of characters include Carey Mulligan, Ralph Fiennes, Lily James, and cute Johnny Flynn.

Edith Pretty, the landowner, hires Basil Brown, played by Fiennes. He begins the dig, and eventually finds an Anglo-Saxon burial site, bringing the soon interest of museum officials from the London and Ipswich. The excavation produces some of the most important artifacts of its time. If you’re interested in the findings, visit the British Museum website or YouTube site to read more about the display of artifacts. It’s a Josh Gates dream.

As far as the movie, however, I found it a bit disjointed. The storyline has an underlying theme of death and what happens to us as we die. Edith is ill with a heart ailment that will eventually take her life. Her husband has died, and she often visits his grave. With a young son, she is distraught over the possibilities of leaving him behind, which feeds her curiosity about what we as humans leave behind when we die. As an archeologist, Basil speaks about the dead and how they always leave something of themselves for others to find — the dig being the example since it is a burial grounds. The movie attempts to create a romantic attachment between the two, but Basil is married. I viewed it more as an intimate friendship.

There is a sideline to the story that includes Johnny Flynn and Lily James, which is very short and brings little interest or addition to the story itself. As much as I enjoy Johnny, his character was a make-believe one in the film and probably could have been cut out. It does fill gaps in the two-hour running time, however,

What I found odd about this movie altogether is that the dialogue is often spoken without you watching the characters speak it. It’s like an overshadow of conversations they had together earlier, while you watch them presently looking at one another without saying a word. I found this extremely distracting and ill-timed. It had no value except to confuse the audience. The dialogue was mumbled as well and difficult to discern.

I found the dig itself far more interesting than the human interactions, although I understand the underlying thematic attempt the director was trying to make. Nevertheless, it’s worth the watch.

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